Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rough eating day!
Do you ever have those and they make no sense???
I have been going going going and finally had some down time yesterday afternoon - what did I do - I ate 3 little debbie snack cakes????!!!!!

What's up with that - I think I was craving some sugar but WOW that is like way overboard to feed that urge! I ate an oatmeal pie, swiss roll and cosmic brownie - they sure were good but I felt sick to my stomach afterwards. So.....
TODAY IS A NEW DAY! I ate a sensible breakfast and has sushi for lunch, on my 4th glass of water and feel great!!!
Hopefully GONE are the days of beating myself up and continuing to eat in that vicious cycle of guilt, sadness cause I fell off my program! I feel GREAT today and it's nice to know I'm in control of what I eat - good and bad and that I can pick myself up after a "bad eating day" and get myself back on TRACK!

I'm down 24 lbs. since June 6th but that's just a number - I FEEL BETTER than I have in years and that's better than any number ~ although a size 8 sounds really good!!hehehe

Have a great day!

Monday, July 27, 2009

It's always AWESOME when you can go on vacation and still lose weight!! I lost 5 lbs while in Florida for 10 day but really have to chalk it up to lots of walking and hustling around getting ready for the painting retreat and then while at the retreat. The one thing I did do though that I wasn't happy with is go back to drinking quite a few sodas a day after having giving them up completely. it's back to no sodas - lots of water - and pumping up the exercise routine!!
Hope you have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

OKAY SISTERS! Lets get a post on here!!

I know I'm not anywhere near ready for a swimsuit this summer I think that is why I keep begging my hubby for a pool in the backyard -then I can go out and no one else will see me. :(
Life is way too short to spend the day worrying about it though - just trying to be healthy, make healthy choices and staying away from the little debbie snacks.hehehe
Hope you have a wonderful day!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Denial with a capital D

Okay, enough denial.. Yesterday I went to a play date with two girlfriends and their children. We took pictures to put on Facebook and my blog but there was one picture I did not post. You probably guessed it had me in it. Yep, that is the one. I know I am overweight but somehow I allow myself to say its not that bad. Of course I am really only looking into a face mirror and not a full length one. (haha) There is no denying what was in the picture. It was bad. I looked awful and I am not kidding. I haven't been feeling well or sleeping well either, other symptoms I can attribute to my being overweight. This morning as I rolled over in bed. I could feel the food from last night sitting in my throat.( I know gross but true) Those of you who are over weight so know what I am talking about. My body was creeking and groaning, yet I pulled myself out of bed and took a 40 min walk. I listened to praise music and just worshipped the Lord as I walked and took in His creation. As I am thinking about the whole face mirror thing. I am realizing that I can do that spiritually too. Oh, when I take a look at what I am doing part of it is really good so I don't focus on the part that is really bad and needs fine tuning from the Lord. I justify my behavior in the weight area and the spiritual area. They really are the same.. I have allowed a little god in my life... Food.... I feed every emotion, thus taking time from my Father. Then I am continually justifying my behavior, or just plain making excuses. "It runs in my family, if I had more time, I can't leave the kids to go workout, I don't feel well, and many, many, more. The bottom line is I am choosing not to lose weight. Oh I want to lose the weight but I do not want to do the work. I want a quick fix! The walk this morning felt good. It's a start. I pray the Lord will give me strength to take this battle head on and fight, fight hard. I really don't want to be a size 2. I gave that up a long time ago I just want to feel well, sleep well and live a productive life without restrictions that I have caused to myself. Today as the Lord leads I am going to pray for all of you who are struggling in this area as well as myself.
Here's to a healthier life.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

A new Year!
So these are my goals this year when it comes to weight loss & life
1. slow and steady
2. MOVE - I used to love to dance so am getting some videos that will let me do that in the privacy of my own home. I've also decided that I need to not look for that parking space closest to the store but one further away.
3. stop beating myself up! I do that all the time as many of us do ~ especially when it comes to weight.
4. I've always avoided pictures but decided this year we will have a Christmas card sent out with a full family picture. I usually just do the boys because I couldn't possibly send out a picture of me the way I look - there I go again beating myself up!
5. probably the hardest one ~ I'm going to try and give up sodas all together. Last year or the year before I got off the caffinated ones - they've started creeping back into my diet on days when I need to have lots of energy - but I've realized my body does so much better when I put good food in it and not caffeine that causes me to crash, have severe mood swings, etc. SO...when the stash in my house is gone that's it!

So, I've started with 5 a number I think is manageable for now.
Hope 2009 is everything you want it to be and more!!!


Thursday, December 25, 2008

From us three hotties still trapped in fat bodies ~ we wish you a very Merry CHRISTmas and Happy New Year!

Many Blessings,

Linda, Sandy, and Debbie

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

We three sisters hope you and your families have a wonderful Thanksgiving day!
Hope your food choices are smart (ours as well)!!

Many Blessings,

Linda, Sandy & Debbie